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WebRacer - Interactive Spin Bikes

WebRacer Bike System

In the real world you experience the freedom of the road and can enjoy cycling with friends and taking in the surroundings. On an indoor bike you are limited to just four walls, no stimulation no interaction…UNTIL NOW! WebRacer allows the user to remain fully engaged and motivated while training or racing. Utilizing the latest technology WebRacer offers different routes live on screen and enables you to race with fellow riders. Whether it is within the studio, via the internet connected to other clubs live on screen, you are never short of a partner to train with or a group to race with.

WebRacer bikes also provide solid cardio programs for when you are not on-line, and will cover all your indoor class bike needs as well as delivering full WebRacing capability.

  • Software includes 6 Tracks

  • 5 stored heart frequency training programs

  • 5 individual programs

  • Body fat programs

  • Blue / Green Back Light LCD Display, 7 windows display simultaneously: time speed, distance, approx calorie consumption, pedal revolutions per minute, Watt and pulse frequency

  • Input of limits for time, distance and approx calories

  • Announcement of higher limit

  • Receiver for wireless pulse belts

For more information call 877-294-YOUTH (9688) or complete our Contact Form.